His Name Spoken is A Spreading Perfume

His Name Spoken is a Spreading Perfume

Praying with Song of Songs 1:3   “Your name spoken is a spreading perfume…”     His name, the name of Jesus our Beloved, whose love letters were written to us far before He was born into our world. Love letters written through the words of the prophets, written in Song of Songs and describing the intimate love that our good God has for us. We could never earn His love that is so freely and generously offered to us, and yet Our Beloved awaits our response. He longs for us to call upon Him, to love Him in return.…continued

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Do you cherish your spouse? Do you cherish your Lord? Cherishing is more than just a feeling of loving affection, it is an active cultivation of the deepest love that can exist – the love of God for His creature. That is the love we are to cultivate for a spouse and the love we are to cultivate for our God in return. We receive Christ through a spousal relationship even as we receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ into our hands at Mass. It is within the marital relationship that God places His very self into…continued

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Beloved Brides of Christ

The Church is the Bride of Christ and so as we bask in the joy of Christ’s resurrection it is appropriate to consider our relationship with the Risen One. This spousal relationship extends to us personally, inviting us to a real intimacy with Christ. Think of the language used in Song of Songs, where the Lord speaks to us as our Beloved, as one longing for intimacy with us. “Ah, you are beautiful my beloved!” and “Arise my beloved, my beautiful one and come” Song of Songs 1:15 and 2:13 Doesn’t that love spoken to you in God’s Word touch your…continued

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Called Out of Hiding: A Prayer Inspired by Song of Songs

“O my dove, in the cleft of the rock; let me hear your voice, let me see your face;  for your voice is sweet and you are lovely!” Song of Songs 2:14 My voice is sweet, O Lord, because you created it to sing praises to you. I am lovely because You made me in your Own image and likeness.  Lord, please continue to give me the courage to come out from that cleft of the rock;  Continue to give me the grace to respond to Your voice as it is wooing me to love You beyond my fears.

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Christmas Concert Lessons


It was a long day, heading into a long evening as I drove to my daughter’s school for the Christmas concert. The car ride gave me quiet time alone, and I enjoyed the silence. I could feel the Holy Spirit inviting me to “enter within” as Theresa of Avila calls it, and so as I drove I turned to Him dwelling within me. I could feel His love, His presence. Arriving at the school early, I was aware that as a divorced mom, I would be there “on my own” and I am not always comfortable with that. Although I…continued

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