Jesus and the Jar of Pickles – Distractions at Prayer

  I admit it. I am not a “morning person.” Morning prayer times have not been fruitful for me for many years. By “not fruitful,” I mean that I would fall asleep whenever I attempted mental prayer in the morning. Even if I was sitting in an uncomfortable pew after morning Mass and wanted to stay for a bit with the Lord, my head would nod and I would startle awake, only to nod off again. I could pray in the afternoon, or late at night and stay awake, but not in the mornings. I read and was told that it…continued

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Six Little Steps

“This union [with God] is accomplished by means of sanctifying grace, it grows with the fervent reception of the sacraments and with the generous practice of the virtues; it is established more firmly and strengthened by prayer, and is consolidated and preserved by recollection and detachment.” From Divine Intimacy, Section 25 Now, to apply that to ourselves, let’s break it down step by step. Maybe these little ideas will inspire you on how to make a little Christmas present to Jesus in the midst of the busyness. 1. Sanctifying grace – Check! That came to us through baptism. Easy. 2. Fervent…continued

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Christmas Concert Lessons


It was a long day, heading into a long evening as I drove to my daughter’s school for the Christmas concert. The car ride gave me quiet time alone, and I enjoyed the silence. I could feel the Holy Spirit inviting me to “enter within” as Theresa of Avila calls it, and so as I drove I turned to Him dwelling within me. I could feel His love, His presence. Arriving at the school early, I was aware that as a divorced mom, I would be there “on my own” and I am not always comfortable with that. Although I…continued

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