“God, Do You Hate Me?”

God hate suffering pain

The Bunion-Freedom Saga Continues Remember that foot surgery I said wasn’t going to be a big deal, even though it was going to hurt REALLY badly for a bit?  The pain was surprisingly mild the day of the surgery. I was even able to write about it while  in a minimally medicated state in the post  My View from a Room  a week ago.  The pain didn’t stay mild, and I stopped being able to think well enough to write. By day two post-surgery  the pain had definitely kicked into high-octane-not- laughing-at-the doc’s-warning-anymore-pain.  Don’t Waste the Pain There was plenty of pain to offer…continued

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In Gratitude for His Extravagant Love

Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

 A Prayer of Gratitude for His Extravagant Love Lord Jesus, You not only give yourself to me in Holy Communion, but You have grafted me on to be part of Your very own body. The mystery of it, the extravagant grandiosity of it stuns me. It is more than I can comprehend. Your Breath in my lungs, Your Blood in my veins, Your mercy ready to be expressed through me, Your love longing to love through me. As part of Your Body, Your Church, I have an urgent mission: to be an expression of Your love and mercy, to be an…continued

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Lent: 40 Days of Love

I entered into Lent with a whimper and a whine this year. I didn’t want to give anything up. I’m holding onto sanity by a thread – and that thread is Coke Zero, chocolate, and potato chips. If I give up any of those I may lose my will to live. So I thought I would instead add something…but I hadn’t come up with something I felt I could commit to for 40 days, beyond getting my 14 year old daughter to agree to pray Evening Prayer with me on our matching Laudate Apps. The day began with me whining…continued

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Evangelization Part 1: Leading With Our Hearts

Holding the love of Christ in our hands

  According to John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary, evangelization is the “zealous proclamation of the Gospel in order to bring others to Christ and his Church.”  We tend to think of evangelization as going out and telling people about Christ and getting them to come to Church. This proclamation and “going out” are certainly essential aspects of evangelization, but they are not the entire picture of what is meant. The definition goes on to add, “…Evangelization, therefore, includes three distinctive elements: 1. interior conversion to Christ and his Church; 2. affecting not only the individual person but the whole culture;…continued

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Beloved Brides of Christ

The Church is the Bride of Christ and so as we bask in the joy of Christ’s resurrection it is appropriate to consider our relationship with the Risen One. This spousal relationship extends to us personally, inviting us to a real intimacy with Christ. Think of the language used in Song of Songs, where the Lord speaks to us as our Beloved, as one longing for intimacy with us. “Ah, you are beautiful my beloved!” and “Arise my beloved, my beautiful one and come” Song of Songs 1:15 and 2:13 Doesn’t that love spoken to you in God’s Word touch your…continued

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