My View From a Room: Post-Surgery

Bunion Surgery

I’ve been looking forward to this day for almost 30 years. The actual date was set about six weeks ago. Maybe it says something about how this year has been going for me so far that this will probably one of the highlights (definitely exceeded by my daughter’s confirmation last week, which I will likely tell you about sometime soon!) Today was Bunion Freedom Day! At least it was for me. My feet have been “old” feet since I was in my twenties and got my very first set of custom-made orthotic inserts.  My mother tried to convince me to wear…continued

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Betrayal, Love, and the Eucharist

There are many betrayals, large and small, that we may experience in our lives – someone we depend on doesn’t come through for us, someone we love leaves us, someone we trust gossips about. We can feel so very alone at these times, but as Christians we are not alone, we are never alone. Our Good God who created us understands how we feel because He us has experienced betrayal because of His love for us. Jesus befriended a man that He knew would become an enemy, or who would at least treat Him as an enemy. He chose Judas to be…continued

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Actively Submitting to God’s Will

Meekness, Passivity, Submission I have always thought of the meekness with which Jesus accepted His final persecution as a passive suffering. I thought that He merely endured it. I had never considered that it might have taken substantial emotional and spiritual, even physical, work to so simply endure all that occurred, all that He experienced. My Holy Week lesson in submission began with the arthrogram MRI and culminated with an excruciating “cortisone flare” from the cortisone shot administered on Holy Thursday. I had to relax my body to receive the cortisone shot into my elbow and then continue to relax…continued

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Sanctifying My Suffering, Holy Week

I had an opportunity to begin the way of the Cross with Jesus in my own little way. I had an arthrogram MRI, which means that first they inject dye into your elbow, and then after waiting for the dye to absorb they perform the MRI. After driving alone to the very painful nerve conduction test I had a few weeks ago, I decided to ask a friend to go with me for this. I was told it would be “uncomfortable.” I just didn’t want to go through it alone, not again. I felt guilty asking a friend to take…continued

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Coming to Terms with “Graven Images”

  Family Pictures and Holy Reminders As a convert to the faith, I had struggled for so many years over the concept of visual representations of Jesus. I could do the crucifix – it is symbolic even though it has a corpus on it. But all those smiling Jesus shepherd images really bothered me. Didn’t it say in the Old Testament not to worship graven images?  Someone finally helped me by using the analogy of how we like to have pictures of family members. We don’t worship those pictures, they are just reminders. Mother Angelica used to call them “holy reminders” and that made…continued

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Jesus in the Box – Moments of Temptation

Jesus in a box moments of temptation

At moments of temptation, instead of saying “ Get thee behind me Satan.” I sometimes instead say, “Get thee into this box, my Lord!” “Don’t keep giving me that look! I know it means you are not pleased with what I am doing, what I am thinking, what I am saying.  I just cannot stand the sight of such sorrow as I follow my own will, so get into this box.” “No, Jesus, I will not let you out of there. I have stuffed you into this box and I will not let you out no matter what. The temptation was…continued

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