The Prison of Unforgiveness


  The Illusion of Control   “I don’t want to forgive! Not forgiving makes me stronger!” I can still see her sitting there wearing unforgiveness as a mantle of protection, a look of distaste on her pinched face, a stiff manner contradicting her polite smile. She was like a turtle stuck during the vulnerable process of pulling itself back into its shell: not yet fully protected by the tough shell, but now unable to move away from the danger.   Sometimes we may feel the same way – that forgiving will make us weak. We may hold onto anger and…continued

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Forgiving Who? Loving God by Forgiving Yourself

“Unforgiveness is like standing under the waterfall of God’s grace with an umbrella.” Sometimes we recognize the importance of forgiving others, but neglect to forgive ourselves. Lack of forgiveness builds a wall between me and God, and it doesn’t matter whether I won’t forgive someone who has hurt me or won’t forgive myself. To withhold forgiveness, even to myself, is to make myself a God. Do I really dare to withhold forgiveness from one of God’s precious ones? I place my judgment before God’s when I decide not to forgive. I hold onto control instead of surrendering it to God. I tell God that although He forgives me,…continued

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Confession Cures

We go to Confession and lay before our Beloved Creator the ugly sins hidden within, the sins He has seen all along and yet called us “precious in His sight.” (Isaiah 43:4) We come before Him in the person of the priest, as though before a physician to whom we are pointing out our ills and wounds. We kneel before our Savior’s representative, contrite for our own personal contribution to Christ’s suffering and death and acknowledging that though the world may see these sins as trivial flaws, and perhaps we once also looked on them that way, we now recognize them…continued

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