In Gratitude for His Extravagant Love

Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

 A Prayer of Gratitude for His Extravagant Love Lord Jesus, You not only give yourself to me in Holy Communion, but You have grafted me on to be part of Your very own body. The mystery of it, the extravagant grandiosity of it stuns me. It is more than I can comprehend. Your Breath in my lungs, Your Blood in my veins, Your mercy ready to be expressed through me, Your love longing to love through me. As part of Your Body, Your Church, I have an urgent mission: to be an expression of Your love and mercy, to be an…continued

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The Word Was Made Flesh…


The Word Made Flesh   “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we saw his glory, the glory as of the Father’s only Son, full of grace and truth.”       John 1:14 St Joseph Edition of The New American Bible, 1991  The Word. All of creation came into being by the word of God: “Let there be…”.  His all-powerful word created the heavens and the earth and the seas and the mountains and all the variety of animals and plants. That very same all-powerful Word humbled itself and limited itself to become like us, to become a helpless and vulnerable baby, born not…continued

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Eucharistic Meditation on Holiness


 Photo: Hostiam Sanctam  by Bro Lawrence, OP. We are called to become holy, to become more like God, to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. Is this because our Father has unreasonably high expectations of us? No, it is because He loves us. Our Father loves us and longs to give Himself to us; He longs to give all of Himself to us. Our Heavenly Father’s longing and love for us is so great that He sent His only son, our Lord Jesus, to give flesh to that love, to show us in a way we could see with our eyes. Even…continued

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Betrayal, Love, and the Eucharist

There are many betrayals, large and small, that we may experience in our lives – someone we depend on doesn’t come through for us, someone we love leaves us, someone we trust gossips about. We can feel so very alone at these times, but as Christians we are not alone, we are never alone. Our Good God who created us understands how we feel because He us has experienced betrayal because of His love for us. Jesus befriended a man that He knew would become an enemy, or who would at least treat Him as an enemy. He chose Judas to be…continued

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“In the beginning the Word was, and He dwelt with God,and possessed in Him infinite happiness.” John of the Cross, Romances I have been contemplating this verse for the last month or so in my prayer time, especially after Mass. There is so much in this one sentence, such depth that seems to be just out of reach of my understanding. I continue to be drawn to it, longing to perceive just a little bit more of this mystery, the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Since it is a Mystery I will never, of course, be able to fully…continued

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Do you cherish your spouse? Do you cherish your Lord? Cherishing is more than just a feeling of loving affection, it is an active cultivation of the deepest love that can exist – the love of God for His creature. That is the love we are to cultivate for a spouse and the love we are to cultivate for our God in return. We receive Christ through a spousal relationship even as we receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ into our hands at Mass. It is within the marital relationship that God places His very self into…continued

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