Suffering Along the Little Way

St. Therese of Lisieux Suffering

Fr. Gabriel offers such encouragement and wisdom, I wanted to update the reflections that were previously posted in 2009.  The italicized excerpts cited are from “Divine Intimacy”  Reading #63  by Fr. Gabriel of St Mary Magdalene, OCD. How Will We Be Transformed by Suffering? Suffering transforms us. God gives us the choice of how it will transform us. We meet people who have been transformed into bitter, angry people by the misfortunes in their lives and those who have experienced even greater tragedies, yet radiate joy and peace. We get to choose how we respond to the trials and tragedies in our…continued

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The Value of Suffering?

the value of suffering

*The excerpts in italics are from Divine Intimacy, Section 127: The Value of Suffering, by Fr. Gabriel Magdalen, O.C.D. Suffering is No Big Deal? What exactly is suffering? Can we only call it suffering when there is some great tragedy in our lives? Some people do not like to call the little pricks of life “suffering,” but Fr. Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen, O.C.D. described it this way: ” Suffering is the disagreeable feeling which we experience when something – a situation, a circumstance – does not correspond to our inclinations, our needs, or our hopes, which does not harmonize with…continued

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Square Pegs, Round Holes, Blank Paper and God’s Divine Will

God's divine will

“Lord, do with me what you will…” Sr Carmella of the Holy Eucharist, O.C.D. Blank Paper for God to Write His Divine Will for Us “I think of this new year as a white page given to me by [our] Father, on which He will write, day by day, whatever His divine good pleasure has planned. I shall now write at the top of the page, with complete confidence: Domine, fac de me sicut vis, Lord, do with me what You will, and at the bottom I already write my Amen to all the proposals of  [His] divine will. Yes, Lord,…continued

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Infinite Goodness Stoops Over Man

God’s Infinite GoodnessDeus Caritas Est by Fr Lawrence, OP  “Man’s wickedness may accumulate sin upon sin, evil upon evil, but overall, God’s goodness will remain unchangeable. The shadow of evil will not mar it; instead, God who is always benevolent, will bend over the evil to change it into good, and to draw a greater good from it. Thus, infinite Goodness stooped over man, the sinner, and made an immensely superior good come from Adam’s fall: the redemption of the world through the Incarnation of His only-begotten Son. This is the distinctive characteristic of God’s goodness: to will the good,…continued

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The Descent of the Holy Spirit: A Meditation from Divine Intimacy

One of my favorite books, Divine Intimacy, is out of print right now  so I thought I would share today’s meditation on Pentecost with you. This is from Section 189, “The Descent of the Holy Spirit.” “Pentecost is the plenitude of God’s gift to men. On Christmas Day, God gives us His only-begotten Son, Christ Jesus, the Mediator, the Bridge connecting humanity and divinity. During Holy Week, Jesus, by His Passion, gives Himself entirely for us, even to death on the Cross. He bathes us, purifying and sanctifying us in His Blood. At Easter, Christ rises, and His Resurrection, as well as His Ascension,…continued

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“Divine Intimacy: Meditations on the Interior Life” A Calendar to Keep Us on Track

My Favorite Book, Divine Intimacy One of my favorite books is Divine Intimacy: Meditations on the Interior Life for Every Day of the Liturgical Year by Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.  My copy is a well-loved paperback purchased years ago and held together with packing tape. I don’t always follow it day by day but it’s always close at hand, usually on my night stand. It’s been hauled around on many vacations over the years. Although I have loved the book, I often found myself asking, “Where are we supposed to be today?” The daily meditations are based on the…continued

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His Grace Pursues Us

“God’s goodness is so gratuitous that it gives itself to creatures without any merit on their part; it is so liberal that it always precedes them and never fails to impart its light to them even when, by abusing their liberty, they show themselves unworthy of it. God’s goodness is so patient that it does not stop at the ingratitude, the resistance or even the crimes of His creatures, but His grace pursues them. “ Divine Intimacy, by Fr. Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen, O.C.D. Section 233:2, page 698 How blessed we are to be pursued by the grace of…continued

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