Lord, I Cry to You All the Day Long: A Prayer of Hope and God’s Mercy

mercy, needy, Lord

“Turn Your ear, O Lord, and give answer for I am poor and needy. Preserve my life for I am faithful; save the servant who trusts in You. You are my God, have mercy on me, Lord, for I cry to you all the day long. Give joy to your servant, O Lord, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalm 85 from Night Prayer 2/15/16 Lord, sometimes I haven’t been able to “lift up my soul” because I am poor and small and needy. Preserve my life – the life of my soul – despite my unfaithfulness, despite…continued

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When Life is Messy

depression, despair, hope

Sometimes There’s No Happy Endings I have serious issues with unhappy endings, especially those based on real events.  I never even watched the Titanic  because I knew it was just going to make me like characters that would all be killed off at the end. I couldn’t bear it. Maybe because I’ve always struggled with depression and that type of movie doesn’t exactly add to my perkiness factor. I did, unfortunately, watch A Perfect Storm because my mother-in-law raved about how wonderful it was and that it was based on true events. My husband I watched it after the kids had…continued

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Singing Alleluia Through Our Tears


Image by Amanda Rose 2012 Petite Jean State Park, AK Easter is our season to rejoice, for our “Alleluia” to resound after forty penitential days preparing for our Savior’s Passion, death, and resurrection. But can we rejoice when we feel no joy? How do we sing “Alleluia” through our tears?  We each have suffering in our own lives that cannot be measured or compared. Whether it is the physical and emotional suffering experienced by victims of an unexpected explosion, the suffering of a mother holding a terminally ill child, the agony of a body wracked by cancer eating away within…continued

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Sustained by God’s Grace


Photo by Amanda Rose, 2012 ” Grant, I beseech You, that my heart may never wander when You leave it in dark distress; but sustained with Your grace, may it persevere in seeking and serving You with good will.”  Divine Intimacy p846, Section 282 on Piety and Devotion Sometimes we may feel like we are going through a dark tunnel. We can’t see much. It is scary. There is no end in sight. We cling to our faith despite the struggle to do so. God’s grace is always there with us, guiding us, just as the lights along the sides of a dark tunnel escort us…continued

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Praising God in All Things

It is easy to praise God when we look around us and see a beautiful sunset or a beautiful mountain vista. It’s easy to praise God when our lives are comfortable, when our health is good, when good friends love us. We thank Him for the good He brings to us, just as we should, and it is not difficult, although we may sometimes become so caught up with the good things that we do in fact forget to thank God for them. There is a real grace that comes from thanking and blessing God, not only in the joys…continued

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The Ache of Loneliness

Sometimes the loneliness is so deep that it feels as though it emanates from within my bones and bores through me with a painful longing. I am assailed by the feeling of being broken, parts of me missing, a huge hole in my heart and soul. The longing aches even sometimes to the point of physical pain, and yet more and more I realize it is a longing that only One can fulfill, only One can alleviate. There is only One who can consume this loneliness. I desire what I know, that which is familiar to me. I desire friendship,…continued

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Dancing with Despair

It is so easy to lose hope. I see so easily all the misery in the world, the painful or broken marriages, the mothers who mourn as their children make poor life choices, shocking violence and profanity, the degradation of human life. The natural response is to wonder “how could a loving and merciful God permit this to happen?” These things can and should drive us to our knees in prayer. Although that may be one of my responses, so often my other reaction is to dance with despair, to allow the pain I see to fill my heart and push…continued

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