When Life is Messy

depression, despair, hope

Sometimes There’s No Happy Endings I have serious issues with unhappy endings, especially those based on real events.  I never even watched the Titanic  because I knew it was just going to make me like characters that would all be killed off at the end. I couldn’t bear it. Maybe because I’ve always struggled with depression and that type of movie doesn’t exactly add to my perkiness factor. I did, unfortunately, watch A Perfect Storm because my mother-in-law raved about how wonderful it was and that it was based on true events. My husband I watched it after the kids had…continued

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“God, Do You Hate Me?”

God hate suffering pain

The Bunion-Freedom Saga Continues Remember that foot surgery I said wasn’t going to be a big deal, even though it was going to hurt REALLY badly for a bit?  The pain was surprisingly mild the day of the surgery. I was even able to write about it while  in a minimally medicated state in the post  My View from a Room  a week ago.  The pain didn’t stay mild, and I stopped being able to think well enough to write. By day two post-surgery  the pain had definitely kicked into high-octane-not- laughing-at-the doc’s-warning-anymore-pain.  Don’t Waste the Pain There was plenty of pain to offer…continued

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Offering it Up or Sucking it Up?

The world offers us words of wisdom to help us overcome ourselves and do what must be done, to push on beyond what we enjoy or with which we are comfortable. The words “suck it upm” are to be applied when we are a little whiny, or perhaps digging in our heels to resist that which must be accomplished. Now I would never say those words of wisdom from the world to anyone else (except maybe my kids!), but I have said them to myself many times over the years. When I didn’t want to do something but had to…continued

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Hidden Renunciations

Professor +Anthoy Lilles of Beginning to Pray writes in his article The Hidden Life of Christ and Our Life, that “The Lord lives in the secret of our faith – and He wants us to go by faith to find him:  this means we must, like He did, make hidden renunciations, dedicate ourselves to holiness in our humble daily tasks, be merciful and kind especially when no one notices, and make prayer the priority of our hearts.” Hidden renunciations are not glamorous, they sound like such little things that we tend to forget about them. We consider them to be so trivial that…continued

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Don’t Just Pray for Those Who Persecute Us

“Let us refrain from complaining, nursing a grudge, or speaking evil of those who obviously dislike us, oppose our plans and advancement, or even persecute us with injuries, injustice and calumnies. Let us continue to treat them as well as always, or even better, and if we can, show them respect, speak well of them, do good to them, serve them in their needs and, if necessary, even accept humiliation and contempt in order to save their honor.” St Vincent de Paul, Spiritual Diary: Selected Sayings and Examples of Saints I must admit that I relish complaining when I have…continued

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Empty Rolls

Well, the Little Way is certainly not glamorous. One of my lessons involved toilet paper. It seemed that every time I reached for a square, either at work or at home, the roll was empty. At first I dutifully replaced the roll, feeling quite pleased with myself and my service to humanity. Then after a few weeks of this almost daily chore, I began to think, “Can’t ANYBODY else change a roll of toilet paper? Am I the only one ANYWHERE who can do this??” Once that little voice of resentment joined me, changing that roll made me feel annoyed.…continued

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