Learning to Love God


Sacred Heart of Jesus, a photo by Lawrence OP on Flickr. Do you long to love God more? Well, here is a little not-so-secret secret from my favorite book, Divine Intimacy in Section 211 Returning Love for Love: “In the Encyclical Annum Sacrum, Leo XIII declares,” The Sacred Heart is the symbol and image of the infinite charity of Jesus Christ, the charity which urges us to give Him love in return.” Indeed, nothing is more able to arouse love than love itself. “Love is repaid by love alone, the saints have repeatedly said. St Teresa of Jesus wrote: “Whenever…continued

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Don’t Just Pray for Those Who Persecute Us

“Let us refrain from complaining, nursing a grudge, or speaking evil of those who obviously dislike us, oppose our plans and advancement, or even persecute us with injuries, injustice and calumnies. Let us continue to treat them as well as always, or even better, and if we can, show them respect, speak well of them, do good to them, serve them in their needs and, if necessary, even accept humiliation and contempt in order to save their honor.” St Vincent de Paul, Spiritual Diary: Selected Sayings and Examples of Saints I must admit that I relish complaining when I have…continued

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The Little Way and Dirty Socks

The first Theresa I read was Theresa of Avila. I loved all three of her books, The Interior Castle, The Way of Perfection, and her Life. I loved her self-deprecating humor, her ardour, her strong will and toughness. I admired her. But I sure found it hard to emulate her. Then I found another Theresa. Therese of Liseux, The Little Flower. Reading her Story of a Soul I felt there may be hope for me after all! I did not have to do great big things, arduous penances, hours of strict prayer devotions. I could learn to be even smaller,…continued

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