Prayer for the Persecuted: Lord, Sanctify My Nothing With Your All

lit votive candles with a warm red glow, the blood of the Christian martyrs

Red candles burning in Westminster Cathedral. ByFr. Lawrence Lew, OP via Flickr, Some Rights Reserved CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Prayer for the Persecuted Faithful

Lord, sanctify my nothing with Your All.

My hands are empty of any worthy prayer or penance,
But I open them before You
Unclenching my fingers to expose the vast emptiness I grasp
To the blood running from the sacred wounds of Your Son
Sanctifying my nothing with His All,
For those who are living, loving, breathing and dying for You;
United to Your body in the Church,
United to You in the sacraments,
United to You in the Eucharist,
And united to You through my pitiful prayers.

I give You my lack of courage that they may have courage.
I give You my imperfect faith that their faith may stand firm and true.
I give You my lack of endurance that they may endure.
I give You my hope and my hopelessness to unite with their hope and hopelessness.
I give You my grief for those who grieve.
I give You my joys that they may rejoice in eternal salvation.
I give You my freedom for those whose faith must remain hidden and silent.
I give You my tears to flow with the blood of the martyrs.

Please, Lord,
Sanctify my nothing with Your All.

May Your kingdom come;
May it begin within my own heart.



  1. This is beautiful! Thank you.

  2. This is perfect for where I’m at. Thank …you

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