What Was I Saying? Oh yeah…Pink Birds!

I haven’t been writing much here, but I have still been writing. Just not on paper. I write in my head when I’m driving, washing dishes, waiting. Unfortunately this writing never actually gets written down and it just flows away like a little stream passing my buy with just a little trickling sound here and there…sometimes I’m left feeling as though I just can’t squeeze out a thought…I don’t even bother sitting to write because I’m already at “what was I going to say???”

So today, driving home from the grocery store I know there was something I was “writing” as I noticed the beautiful shades of green and textures of the trees that line the little road into my neighborhood. It’s a view I try to notice and enjoy,a true gift from God. Often the trees sway their branches as if they’re praising God and lifting up their leaves to Him in worship. So here I am writing even though I’m not quite sure what it was I wanted to say…

Sometimes I see a pink Roseate Spoonbill which never fail to thrill me, despite that fact that my daughter says “it’s weird” that I stop the car to look at them and encourage her to also express ecstatic thrill whenever we see one on our way home. Despite growing up in Florida, I saw my first Roseate Spoonbill when I took our then-young children to Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa. They thrilled me then with they’re definitely-pink color and their distinctive flat bills ending in a large, flat spoon shape. They thrilled me even more when I saw them in the wild.

I guess calling it “in the wild” might be a bit of a stretch, since it wasn’t really their natural habitat. There was a small flock, three or four, wading in a drainage ditch along a very busy road during rush hour. I couldn’t slow down to look at them, but did see them now and again when I’d drive by.

Discovering them in our neighborhood has been a huge thrill and always a reason for me to thank God for making such a unique and beautiful bird for us – for me! – to enjoy. What creativity and detail He put into all of creation, designing a creation for us to enjoy the details of, and designing us in a way to appreciate the details of the creation He created. It’s not like we HAD to be able to see all the colors, some animals don’t have the gift He gave to us. Appreciating the gift of His that surrounds us is appreciating His creative glory. It also fosters gratitude within me, even when I don’t feel happy or close to God, I can still choose to be grateful to Him. After all, His gifts surround me.  I just have to take the time and effort to slow down and notice them.

roseate spoonbill

Roseate spoonbill – a beautiful miracle!

roseate spoonbill wading

My Roseate spoonbill – grazing as he wades

And that’s about all my brain has to squeeze out right now. Still suffering from the effects of my “fall” 2014 concussion which is now called Post-concussion Syndrome(PCS) or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI.) It has been humbling, tiring, and frustrating. But God is still there, revealing Himself through the pink of the spoonbill and the green branches that flourish year-round down south here in Florida. It is a gift and blessing to continue to notice and appreciate the beautiful gift He gifts in each moment, not only the gifts of creation all around us, but also the gift of who we are in Him, the gift of all our senses, of our ability to learn and think and communicate and listen and see. All I know is that God is always good, even when life is really hard.



  1. Amanda, I can so relate to this post-thanks for putting it into a blog and not letting it float away! Prayers for your continued healing.

    • Ann, it is always nice to visit you online and thank you so much for leaving a comment here! So sorry for the delay in responding, I still was struggling with symptoms from the post-concussion syndrome and trying to get working more regularly at my little job. Thank you so very much for your prayers!

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