A Prayer of God’s Love and Mercy – I Stretch Out My Arms to You, Oh Lord

Inspired by Psalm 143:6,8

A Prayer Psalm 143

A Prayer of God’s Love and Mercy

“I stretch out my arms to you,
I stretch out my soul, like a land without water.
” *

I do stretch out my arms to You, oh Lord – to One I have forgotten,
One I avoid, One who has hidden His face from me.

“Where have You hidden, Beloved?

I stretch out my arms to You, begging for the water of eternal life.
Only the water of Your love can quench the dryness of my parched soul.
And yet I refuse to search for You; I run from You.

Lord, I choose you.

I choose to seek and love Your will.

Your will is here among the everyday details of my life;
the opportunities to offer a kind word and hold back a complaint or criticism;
to smile when I least feel like it;
to get out of bed when I want to curl up and escape the world around me.

     Each day has its challenges and so many days my response
to Your subtle invitations is a resounding “No!”
Selfish, vain, prideful – and yet loved, beloved, dear to You as none other.

Uniquely loved.

    And in return You ardently desire for me to love You
with the unique love that only I can offer.
My wounded and imperfect love,
scarred by life in this valley of tears, crippled by lack of faith, barely enough to fill a thimble,
but so beautiful to You that Your heart aches
to freely receive it from humbled hands.

Lord, how can I comprehend?
How can I possibly even begin to love as You love?

So often my response to Your love is meager and miserly. I am so sorry.

Please help me to love You more, to believe in You when I doubt,
to trust in You when to do so seems foolish,
to hope in You in my deepest despair.

Look at me through Your eyes of mercy and please
help me to look at others through eyes of mercy, too.

“Show me Your mercy at daybreak because of my trust in You.” *

*Psalm 143:6 from the Universalis translation


  1. Louise Barrett

    Beautiful, and oh so true, about God’s love and about our littleness

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