God Lives Within Us

Elizabeth of the Trinity THE COMPLETE WORKS, I have found GOD, Vol 1
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote,
 “We must become aware that God dwells within us and do everything in Him, then we are never commonplace, even when performing the most ordinary tasks.” 1
It is amazing but true. If we are in a state of grace as baptized Catholic Christians, then the Holy Trinity lives within us. This is a real living within us, not just a dead thing stuck inside us, or something distant that we can’t touch, but One who is alive and continues to pour out His grace, love and mercy into our souls. Our awareness of this indwelling presence leads us to change our life and it transforms our smallest actions.
The hardest part is to remember this truth: that our Creator has chosen to live within us. How do we remember? What reminds us? Prayer. We must pray every day for at least 15- 30 minutes just as we must eat and drink and breathe. This time is what animates the rest of our day, breathing the reminder of His presence into the moments we would otherwise forget Him. Prayer is the great secret to happiness, to real joy. It takes so little to reap such delightful and immeasurable benefits. What else are we doing that benefits us not only in the moment but also for all eternity? Our prayers help not just ourselves, this time set aside to be with God also changes the world around us.
How will you pray today? How will you fall in love with God?

1 From Elizabeth of the Trinity, The Complete Works Volume One

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