The Bad Memory Dumping Ground: A Tale of Two Toothbrushes

A Tale of Two Toothbrushes with toothbrush image

I refuse to admit how infrequently my bathroom is cleaned. It’s never so bad that they could make a reality TV show about it, but it has sunk lower on my to-do list in the last years while I haven’t felt well for various and sundry reasons. And those begins my tale of woe…. Good News! A Good Health-Kinda Day It was on one of my “good” days that I decided to take a break from my online work to take care of my home and get a bit of exercise. I zipped into the bathroom on a cleaning expedition…continued

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Prayer for the Persecuted: Lord, Sanctify My Nothing With Your All

lit votive candles with a warm red glow, the blood of the Christian martyrs

Prayer for the Persecuted Faithful Lord, sanctify my nothing with Your All. My hands are empty of any worthy prayer or penance, But I open them before You Unclenching my fingers to expose the vast emptiness I grasp To the blood running from the sacred wounds of Your Son Sanctifying my nothing with His All, For those who are living, loving, breathing and dying for You; United to Your body in the Church, United to You in the sacraments, United to You in the Eucharist, And united to You through my pitiful prayers. I give You my lack of courage that…continued

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No One Laughed at My Undercover Mass

I’ve missed Mass more times in the last year and a half then I have the entire 30 years that I’ve been Catholic. I went to Mass when I was tired, sick, depressed, and when I had a little kid who wouldn’t sit still or always had to urgently go to the bathroom during the epiclesis. I LOVED Mass, even when I would have rather slept in then to get out of bed. But I did because it was important to me because I loved God, I wanted to go be with Him. And I wanted to fix my hair,…continued

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Bringing Light into Suffering with the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Stained glass rising with golden light shining through

As the horrible shooting massacre was taking place in Orlando, just a couple of hours drive from me, I was up late writing and researching for a new blog post. Ironically, the post was to be about pity, sympathy, empathy and compassion; about suffering and sin and gratitude. At the moment I can’t write about that subject, as my heart is too immersed in the suffering of these many souls, the living and the dead, the family and friends, the tourists and town and state and country. As these feelings of profound grief diminish, I will be able to return…continued

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What Was I Saying? Oh yeah…Pink Birds!

I haven’t been writing much here, but I have still been writing. Just not on paper. I write in my head when I’m driving, washing dishes, waiting. Unfortunately this writing never actually gets written down and it just flows away like a little stream passing my buy with just a little trickling sound here and there…sometimes I’m left feeling as though I just can’t squeeze out a thought…I don’t even bother sitting to write because I’m already at “what was I going to say???” So today, driving home from the grocery store I know there was something I was “writing”…continued

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Lord, I Cry to You All the Day Long: A Prayer of Hope and God’s Mercy

mercy, needy, Lord

“Turn Your ear, O Lord, and give answer for I am poor and needy. Preserve my life for I am faithful; save the servant who trusts in You. You are my God, have mercy on me, Lord, for I cry to you all the day long. Give joy to your servant, O Lord, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalm 85 from Night Prayer 2/15/16 Lord, sometimes I haven’t been able to “lift up my soul” because I am poor and small and needy. Preserve my life – the life of my soul – despite my unfaithfulness, despite…continued

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When Life is Messy

depression, despair, hope

Sometimes There’s No Happy Endings I have serious issues with unhappy endings, especially those based on real events.  I never even watched the Titanic  because I knew it was just going to make me like characters that would all be killed off at the end. I couldn’t bear it. Maybe because I’ve always struggled with depression and that type of movie doesn’t exactly add to my perkiness factor. I did, unfortunately, watch A Perfect Storm because my mother-in-law raved about how wonderful it was and that it was based on true events. My husband I watched it after the kids had…continued

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